Wellington Community Day October 19

Christian Meditation – Future Proofing

Island Bay Home of Compassion, 2 Rhine Street, Island Bay. 

The day starts at 10 with a welcome and introductions, followed by a 20 minute period of silent meditation. We will be led by our oblate Hugh McLaughlin. We will consider how we go about handing on the practice of Christian meditation to future generations. Hugh is very experienced in teaching CM to children. After discussion we will have a 2nd period of meditation. Lunch time can be used for walking around the grounds, being sociable or in silence, as you wish.Please bring your own lunch. A Koha ($10 is suggested, &/or a packet of biscuits or fruit) will be welcome to help meet the costs to the HoC. After the lunch break, we will wrap up our discussion, and finish with a 3rd period of silent meditation by about 3pm.Enquiries to me, please, by email, or by phone to the numbers below. 
Kia ora
ElspethPh: 04 472 3369      0274 723 369