Upcoming Events at Bonnevaux

Registrations are now invited for the following upcoming courses to be held at our International Centre, Bonnevaux.


The Tightrope of Moderation – Lent Retreat

Feb 24 – Mar 01

Led by Laurence Freeman and Giovanni Felicioni

Heaven in a Grain of Sand: The Universal and the Particular

Mar 20 – 22

Led by Alan Wallace, Eva Natanya and Laurence Freeman

Leaving Fear Behind – Holy Week Retreat

Apr 05 – 12

Led by Laurence Freeman

Faith is Relationship – National Community Retreat USA

Apr 27 – May 03

Led by Laurence Freeman & Giovanni Felicioni

Leaping to a New Land – Meditatio Seminar on Meditation & Ecology

May 21-24

Led by Michel-Maxime Egger, Laurence Freeman & many others