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Lent Reflections – Fr Laurence Freeman

A message from WCCM   Dear Friends, I am sending attached the first readings for the Lent Reflections 2017 by Laurence Freeman. There is an introductory text, with “instructions”. Fr. Laurence suggests we put up on Ash Wednesday reflection and then every Sunday. Please open the reflections from Ash Wednesday to the following Saturday: Lent_2017_Beg

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Attentiveness and Ecology

Excerpt from an article in the newsletter of the Australian Community for Christian Meditation: ……..Freya Mathews, a Melbourne ecophilosopher, says that to understand the nature of the cosmos one must engage with the particular because that is how the world communicates—in particular, rather than universal terms. Engaging with the particular involves cultivating the habit of attending,…

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Christian Meditation in the NZ News Media

CHRISTIAN MEDITATION IN THE LOCAL NZ MEDIA Christian Meditation with children and school students in New Zealand has made the front page  in The Dominion Post and also a feature article in The Waikato Times, the Papakura Courier and in the NZ Catholic.  Take a moment to explore these links. You will be amazed!

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