Attentiveness and Ecology

Excerpt from an article in the newsletter of the Australian Community for Christian Meditation:
……..Freya Mathews, a Melbourne ecophilosopher, says that to understand the nature of the cosmos one must engage with the particular because that is how the world communicates—in particular, rather than universal terms.
Engaging with the particular involves cultivating the habit of attending, focusing, being truly and personally present to the other members of the Earth community. Instead of admiring landscape from a distance, it involves more consciously connecting and empathising with a particular forest, stretch of river, animal or group of animals, being receptive to its spontaneity, truth and reality. By closely attending to the other parts of the Earth community in their tangibility, immediacy and particularity, it may be possible to truly hear the voice of the other, to make an empathic and spiritual connection, and in so doing expand our own level of ecological awareness and sensitivity…….

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