March 2019

In the face of the cruel darkness that can gather in the human heart it makes me feel how important is our work of helping people to find the light within – a light which the darkest darkness can never extinguish. Laurence Freeman, March 16, 2019

Our nation has come together in support of our sisters and brothers in our Muslim community, affirming we are all part of the one human family in this country.

Upcoming Events in 2019

For an outline of upcoming events in 2019 please check the events calendar  under the events tab above. More details will follow. Wishing you all a peace-filled 2019.


The New Zealand Community for Christian Meditation

An invitation to meditate

We invite you to practice meditation with the support of a group and for spiritual companionship.

Our groups are growing communities of people who chose Christian Meditation as a spiritual practice. We value the support and learning we receive from each other. We acknowledge a common life source that nurtures our unfolding, even though we might call the experience by different names – God, Christ, Love, Spirit, Universe, Creator.

Every time we sit to meditate we are entering a tradition.

Fr John Main

We can meditate outside of any spiritual tradition but, it will always lead us back home where we belong: the heart.

Fr Laurence Freeman

Christian Meditation, an ancient form of contemplative prayer, is deeply anchored in the teachings of the Early Christian Desert Fathers and Mothers of the 4th and 5th centuries.

It echoes the spirit of the psalmist’s words:


The present day global spread of meditation in the Christian tradition expresses a universal human need for stillness and presence in a world ruled by a pace of change not previously experienced in human history.

Prayer today, often dominated by our intellect, can lose its connection with the heart. Meditation in the Christian tradition reconnects us with the heart, the spirit within, and opens us to its transforming influence in our lives.